Gardens perfect for birds, bees and butterflies

Gardens perfect for birds, bees and butterflies

YOUR green space can play a positive role in the wider environment.

Yates gardening expert Angie says the key is attracting birds, bees and butterflies: vital pollinators in the garden.

Keep them returning by growing a variety of vibrant flowers, providing them sustenance.

1. Plant natives: Autumn is the ideal time to plant bird and insect-attracting Aussie natives like bottlebrush, grevillea, banksia, kangaroo paw, wattles and tea tree.

They provide beautiful flower colours at different times of the year, including winter. Healthy soil is important and my top tip is to make sure you feed natives with an organic fertiliser, which attracts earthworms that move around creating tunnels for roots to establish and provide a balance of slow-release nutrients.

2. Grow flowering plants: Not only do they bring joy to our lives, but also provide valuable sources of food for wildlife. During autumn, it’s time to sow and grow calendula, alyssum, buddleja (butterfly bush), camellias, salvia, lavender, daisies, poppies, cornflowers and proteas.

3. Promote floral displays: Feed flowering plants regularly with a plant food specifically designed for them. Make sure to remove spent flowers regularly to promote a longer flowering season and keep the plants looking tidy.

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