Gay man finds his voice

Do I Sound Gay? is showing at the Revelation Perth International Film Festival.
Do I Sound Gay? is showing at the Revelation Perth International Film Festival.

FACED with the three strikes for any gay man � single, in their 40s and with a �gay voice� � David Thorpe explores the origins of the sound of one�s voice and if it can be changed.

At possibly his most vulnerable and insecure point, Thorpe bravely turns the camera on himself and asks the same question of himself that many gay men would have asked themselves: do I sound gay?

Not only does he wonder if his voice gives his sexuality away, but also is it attractive to others and if not, why not?

Thorpe speaks with friends and family, sometimes in an interview scenario, others just casual chitchat around the dinner table, where they discuss his voice and how they feel about their own voice.

Professionals offer explanations about the origins of �gay voice� and Thorpe takes lessons from speech specialists on how to make it sound more masculine.

This is not about a man trying to change due to any shame about his sexuality, but coming to terms with and embracing his identity.

This documentary is deeply personal yet relatable and thought-provoking; there is a simplicity to it that is appealing.

The final resolution offers little in the way of surprises, feeling more scripted like a Hollywood film than spontaneous, but the personal journey that Thorpe goes on is an interesting one.

Do I Sound Gay? screens as part of the Revelation Perth International Film Festival on July 3, 4, 8 and 11.

Do I Sound Gay?

Directed by: David Thorpe

Starring: David Thorpe, Margaret Cho, Tim Gunn

Four stars

Review by: Julian Wright