Georgina Tagliaferri launches Control active wear range

Georgina Tagliaferri. Picture: Andrew Ritchie d495711
Georgina Tagliaferri. Picture: Andrew Ritchie d495711

GEORGINA Tagliaferri performed pilates, cardio and strength exercises in each garment of her newly-released active wear line before giving them the final go ahead.

She was determined to deliver a quality product after hearing many members at her Hamilton Hill gym complain of problems with their regular workout gear, such as leggings being too loose.

Control active wear.

“From the start, our studio (Control Pilates & Fitness) has wanted to be more than just your average pilates studio: we’re constantly finding ways to keep our clients motivated,” Tagliaferri said.

“I wanted to create a product that had good longevity and durability: over the years we had seen and heard clients having issues with active wear and this was a big motivator to take in the feedback and make a product that improved on these issues.”

Control active wear.

Tagliaferri brainstormed styles and products then showed them to friends and family for feedback.

From there, and with the help of a friend in the fashion industry who put Tagliaferri in touch with the right people, the Control active wear line was born.

Launching October 5, it’s available at Control Pilates & Fitness and online at

Control active wear.

“It’s a purchase that will leave you feeling responsibly good looking: knowing that you’re helping keep jobs in Australia,” Tagliaferri said.

This first drop is the uniform range, including full-length leggings, jumpers, bike shorts and tanks in black and baby blue.

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