Grace Barbe launching third album FANM:WOMAN

Grace Barbe. Picture: Andrew Ritchie d494076
Grace Barbe. Picture: Andrew Ritchie d494076

MUSIC has always been a part of Grace Barbe’s life.

“Being from the Seychelles we’re constantly surrounded by music, the community, food and dance,” Barbe, of Hilton, said.

“It’s part of the culture but I didn’t really take it seriously until I moved to Australia.”

Barbe spent her childhood years in Perth with her family while her mother studied teaching at university.

They returned to their Indian Ocean island homeland for a few years before the matriarch decided to move the family back to Perth permanently.

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Grace Barbe. Picture: Andrew Ritchie d494076

Barbe’s twin brothers followed their mother’s footsteps into teaching while Barbe, who also teaches music at John Walliston Community School, pursues her music career with drummer sister Joelle and collaborator Jamie Searle.

Following the release of debut album Kreol Daughter (2009) and Welele! (2014), Barbe will launch her third album FANM:WOMAN at Freo. Social on July 5.

“I haven’t moved too far from the Afro Kreol sound on Welele! and it’s a recognition of my roots,” she said.

“I’m still having a romantic relationship with all the rhythms and sound of the Indian Ocean, crossed with Afro beats, rock and even some pop elements.

“Fanm is woman in Kreol. I thought it was really fitting to dedicate an album to women; it’s a celebration of women.

“I come from a matriarchal society in the Seychelles and I’ve been surrounded and grew up with some very strong women in my community.

“I think I’m the woman I am today because I’ve been surrounded by amazing women and my mother is number one in that.”

Grace Barbe. Picture: Andrew Ritchie d494076

Barbe described her album launch as a “massive monster” to organise and is grateful for the help of her team including Searle, cinematographer Dave Le May and Sandie McArdel who “makes me look good”.

The night will feature support acts Old Blood, Soukouss Internationale and DJ sisters Kelz and Yira.

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What: Grace Barbe FANM:WOMAN album launch

Where: Freo. Social

When: July 5