Hands on Harry in Completely Improvised Potter

The cast of Completely Improvised Potter.
The cast of Completely Improvised Potter.

A NEW Harry Potter adventure awaits at Fringe World, and best of all, you get a hand in its making.

Audience members provide the title of a Potter tale (that was never written) and Soothplayers improvisation group provide the narrative.

“We take the basic structure of a Harry Potter story but it’s all completely new and also quite ridiculous as it’s all made up on the spot,” said actor Vidya Rajan.

“It’s like a loving parody.”

Performing in the show is a broomstick ride down memory lane for the Perth-born Melbourne-based actor.

She grew up reading the JK Rowling sagas and immersing herself in the movies.

“The Potter phenomenon caught me at just the right age – it was a huge part of my childhood,” Rajan said.

“I had that whole experience of lining up at midnight (at Garden City) to buy the books.

“Getting to do this show is kind of like being a little kid again.”

Rajan, who studied improvisation in Perth and Chicago, moved to Melbourne two years ago to further her passion and soon after joined Soothplayers.

“We did the first Potter show at Melbourne Comedy Festival last year and saw that Harry wasn’t just sentimental to us but to a whole generation, who is just obsessed,” she said.

“We sold out every night in a massive room and felt like rock stars because the crowds were going insane.

“I don’t think anything but Harry Potter would have created that reaction – maybe Star Wars as it has a place in people’s hearts.”

Rajan said improvisation was about being playful and in the moment.

“It’s also a lot about teamwork and you rely completely on the people around you,” she said.

“There’s a phrase: ‘You’re only as good as the other players’ and if you have an ego about it you don’t do well.

“It’s interesting how improv has become really popular in comedy now and in the last few years has become huge in Australia.”


What: Completely Improvised Potter

Where: Ibis Palace, Perth

When: January 27-28 and 30-31, and February 1-4

Tickets: www.fringeworld.com.au