Hot sauce day: the best Perth made chilli sauces

Perth has an amazing range of locally made hot sauces.
Perth has an amazing range of locally made hot sauces.

From Sh*t the Bed to Pineapple Express – Perth is home to some amazing locally made hot sauces.

Here’s some of them:

Bunsters Shit the Bed

This locally made hot sauce has gone global.

The heat range starts at 7 out of 10, with the black label sauce coming it at 16 out of 10.

It contains birds eye chillies and scorpion chillies.

Dr Paul’s Pineapple Express 

This sauce packs a punch with ghost chillies – which can rank higher than 1 million on the scoville heat scale.

It goes great on pork, chicken, fish and tastes amazing drizzled over a pizza or through soup.

All Burn Chilli Sauce 

Made in small batches by hand, these sauces come in plum, pineapple, mango and tomato versions.

The sauces are gluten free and have flavour as well as heat.

Dingo Sauce Co 

The Super Hot Sriracha is their “signature sauce”.

But they also have a smokey sriracha, a fermented chilli sauce and a widow maker sauce.

Special mention – The Spice Wagon 

This shop in Morley specialises in Latin American products from Mexico, Colombia, El Salvador and Peru.

The store carries a range of hard to find hot sauces from around the world – including the Meet Your Maker sauce which is so hot, the store will only sell it to people over the age of 18.

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