House Rules: Chiara and David thrilled with Yangebup dream home

Chiara and David.
Chiara and David.

HOUSE Rules fans have felt like there was something missing from Channel 7 screens over the past week, with WA team Chiara and David absent from the renovation creativity and chaos.

However, it was all for the greater good as their Yangebup house was transformed into their dream home.

“It was nerve-racking but what sat well with me is that I’d renovated enough with these guys to see what they’re capable of,” David said.

“It was bittersweet handing it over but I also felt safe as well, knowing I had the likes of Toadie, Mandy, Josh, Brandon, Kim and Michelle – some really strong people who loved Chiara and myself and would do the right thing by us. I just had a fear of missing out on all the action.”

Handing over the key meant also declaring the five all-important house rules, which David said were just like Chiara and him.

“We’re both pretty over the top, red is our favourite colour and we like bling, but not if it looks cheap. We wanted classy bling,” he said.

“The kitchen is the heart of the home for me and Chiara and it’s the one thing I bang on about because a family comes together when they’re cooking.”

David said there were multiple wow factors when walking into their newly renovated house that has been estimated to have increased in value by nearly $100,000.

He said it was all worth it to see his daughters Ellie Mae and Taya’s jaws drop when they walked into their bedrooms, although son Seth was left a little underwhelmed with the mix up between wrestling and boxing.

“We loved both bathrooms and even though we’ve had our differences with Leigh and Kristie, they were so thoughtful in the ensuite,” David said.

“It was very well thought-out and Chiara and I love both being in there at the same time to get ready, which is amazing.

“The coffee nook I wasn’t a fan of because it didn’t serve my purposes but it all comes down to how people interpret the room.”

Scoring was a no-brainer for the couple, who were always going to score exactly how they felt.

“We’re not strategic and we weren’t there to play games with anyone so if it was the case of giving someone a 10 and killing our chance, that’s what they deserved,” David said.

“Chiara and I said to each other that even though we’d had our differences with Mel and Dave and Leigh and Kristie, we didn’t know who did what rooms so we couldn’t even take that into consideration.

“We walked in, loved it, there you go, here’s the score. Then we found out whose rooms they were, which was an absolute shock.”

David said watching the drama on the show between the teams had been educational.

“When I saw the look on Kimmy’s face at Home Base, I knew something wasn’t right there,” he said.

“So watching everything unfold over the week; it all now makes sense.”

House Rules continues on Channel 7.