How to style a baby nursery

Products from Henry Hiccups.
Products from Henry Hiccups.

THE nesting urge has taken over and you’re yearning to create a welcoming, calming and attractive home for your newborn.

Decorating the nursery is the most exciting and rewarding part of the process.

Elsa Beilharz of toy store Henry Hiccups says it is also a wonderful bonding experience for parents.

She and her husband began brainstorming ideas for their study-cum-nursery for daughter Olive as soon as Elsa fell pregnant.

“Aside from putting the practical things in a nursery, it’s really important to make the place inviting,” Elsa said.

“It is going to be a space that you will all spend a lot of time in so you need to make it a nice space to be in.”

Elsa gives us her top tips for preparing the ideal nursery

What is the first thing to consider when styling a nursery?

Make it a functional space first and then make it beautiful. Make sure you have a chair, but think about how you will want to feed your baby in it, sleep in it and read stories in it. Comfort is important but you also want it to look good in five years. A simple chair can grow with your child by adding blankets and cushions. The other important thing is light – lamps are essential.

What are the top things to include?

Lighting and artwork are two essentials that are often forgotten. Find a nightlight/lamp that you love. Artwork can really make the room. I love collecting and framing cards. Frame your favourites then group them on a wall. Odd numbers always look best or put them on a narrow picture shelf, which is also good for displaying book covers. The great thing about this is you can easily update them as your child grows.

What should people avoid?

Don’t go too baby. As your baby is not little for long, pick pieces that will grow with them. A robot nightlight in a nursery will also look fantastic in a 10-year-old’s room. I would suggest avoiding what is really fashionable right now.

What are some top colour trends for nurseries?

Monochrome and pastels are strong trends. Although I love both of these looks, I think it is important to remember that you are ultimately decorating the room for a child and in my opinion you cannot go past colour. I love reds and pinks together and blues and greens.

Why are keepsakes important?

One of the best things about having a child is reliving your own childhood. There is nothing more special than putting something from your own childhood into your child’s nursery or giving something to your child that they might one day pass on to their child. My favourite keepsake is the Grimms Rainbows. Handmade in Germany, they are a stunning piece of art. They will grow with your child’s imagination and be used as bridges, dolls’ beds, a puzzle, a tower and then can be put on a shelf again and still look just as good as the day you bought them.

What are some tips on styling a room for twins?

Give each child their own little section, even if it is just a shelf or a section of a bookcase. Kids love to know what was theirs as a baby and why it was special and why you bought it just for them. Choose a unique special teddy, soft toy or ragdoll for each child.