I Dream of Jeannie’s Barbara Eden to cast a spell on Perth audiences as part of Supanova tour

Barbara Eden will visit Perth as part of Supanova
Barbara Eden will visit Perth as part of Supanova

SHE cast a spell on audiences worldwide in her iconic role as Jeannie in the 1965 hit television series I Dream of Jeannie and decades later Barbara Eden will again delight audiences as part of her Supanova appearance in Perth later this month.

Eden, who played the role of the mischievous Jeannie for five seasons and starred alongside co-star Larry Hagman, said it was a time she loved and was grateful for.

“I loved it, I liked her, she was very easy to live with,” Eden said.

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“She wasn’t really human she was an entity.

“Working with Larry was heaven and I couldn’t think of anyone else doing that part.

“After Jeannie we toured together with the play Love Letters and we did a couple of movies together.

“We just seemed to be on the same wave length and it’s rare that when you work with an actor that your rhythms are the same.”

The pair reunited years later in Dallas, where Eden played LeeAnne De La Vega the jilted lover of Hagman’s character JR Ewing.

“It was very strange – I played his ex-lover and I got him, I got him good,” she said with a laugh.

As well as working with Hagman, Eden worked with Lucille Ball and the king of rock and roll Elvis Presley, two people she described as beautiful and who she remembered fondly.

“It all happened when I was first starting out and first was Lucy – that was my third job in Hollywood,” she said.

“She was so smart, so funny and was wonderful to me, she treated me beautifully.

“She wanted to sign me to a contract because she wanted to get a group of female comedians but I had already signed with 21st Century Fox at that time.

“She was so selfless, I’ll never forget her.

“As for Elvis, my sister is crazy about Elvis, she still has his picture beside her bed.

“He was just a very good man, a gentleman.”

In recent years Eden has filmed in television movies, stage productions, written her memoir Jeannie Out of the Bottle and surprising even herself, made a brief appearance on the reality show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

“I didn’t even know I was on television,” she laughed.

“At the time we were filming (a Hallmark Christmas movie) and I was Mrs Santa Claus, that’s why I had the red dress and the funny wig, but I didn’t know it was going to be on television until several people called me and asked.

“I was talking to Denise (Richards) on the set, it’s so funny.”

As for what fans can expect at this year’s convention, Eden said she would be behaving and using her powers for good.

“I’ll be a very good girl and won’t cause any trouble, although it’s more fun isn’t it?” she said.

“Australian people are wonderful and there isn’t anything I don’t like about Australia and if I could have one wish I would blink for world peace for very obvious reasons.

“I don’t have any personal wishes, I am very happy with my life the way it is.”

Eden will appear at Supanova at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre from June 28-30, for tickets visit www.supanova.com.au.