It’s all gouda on International Cheese Day in Perth

It’s all gouda on International Cheese Day in Perth

IT’S International Cheese Day and these are our favourite ways to get it into your gob.

1. Raclette cheese parties

Looking for a party idea with a cheesy twist?
Mobile food truck, French in Town provides private cheese parties in the comfort of your own home.
Included (per person): 200g of raclette cheese, 300g of potatoes, 150g of charcuterie, mini pickles, salads and a raclette machine to melt your cheese.

2. Fromage Artisans cheese vault

How does a 10-cheese toastie sound? And at $11 a pop, this is seriously as good as it gets.
Available for dine-in or takeaway and served with a spicy tomato chutney on the side (trust us, it’s a ripper dip for this one), expect the oozey goodness of mozzarella, tasty parmesan and the salty-sweet goodness of gruyere combined with the best specialty cheeses from Fromage Artisan’s cheese vault.
Make time for a cheese coma after this one.

3. The OMG cheese from Ha Ve Harvey Cheese

This triple cream white mould wonder is a guaranteed winner for any cheese platter.
The texture changes over a six-week period, going from a firm chalky texture to soft and gooey by the sixth week, which is usually the best-before date. People who like a strong flavour can eat this after the best-before date.
Available at Farmer Jacks and IGA.

4. Cheese delivery service

Believing that cheese makes a much better gift than flowers, The Cheese Riot delivers gourmet cheese boxes right to your front door.
Featuring Australia’s finest and most exclusive artisan offerings, the contents of the box change each month, giving people the chance to challenge their tastebuds and try something new.

5. Fromage Walking Tour

Searching for a cheese adventure?
Put on your stretchy pants and embark on the Fromage Walking Tour from Two Feet & A Heartbeat.
Journey through Perth City, sniffing out the tastiest varieties on offer, then end with a private cheese education class at Fromage Artisans on St Georges Terrace.

6. Cheese platter in the Swan Valley

Picnic your way into a cheese coma with a scrumptious platter from The Cheese Barrel in the Swan Valley.
Try the Big Board ($70 for four people), featuring the day’s choice of five different cheeses, served with house dip, leg ham, olives, bread, crackers, fruit and fruit paste.

7. Grilled cheese toastie from Toastface Grillah

Everyone loves a toastie and the hippest spot to get one is Toastface Grillah.
Despite a modest menu, the inner-city eatery – sporting the greatest name in Perth cafĂ© history – beckons grilled cheese enthusiasts from across the ‘burbs.
Now fans can enjoy a second helping at newly-opened brother outlet, Lil’ Toastface, Northbridge.

8. Feta fingers from Clancy’s City Beach

Crumbed and fried with smoked eggplant dip, these decadent little digits are not to be missed.
Just $12, from the ‘Sharey Food’ menu, they go down a treat with a pint and panoramic view of our Indian Ocean.

9. Crispy mac ‘n’ cheese from Meat Candy

Renowned for its finger lickin’ fried chicken, Meat Candy also serves a mean mac ‘n’ cheese.
A must-try for cheese lovers and comfort food connoisseurs, it sits on the ‘Smalls’ menu and sets you back just $8.

10. Little Cheese Shop

This Bayswater deli delight serves cheeses from around the world.
Hot right now (and throughout last year) is Occelli al Malto d’orzo e Whisky (cheese with barley malt and whisky).
A hard Italian cheese, it looks nasty and costs a pretty penny – according to shop owner Jeff – but keeps many coming back for more.