Jimmy Giggle sizzles on Dancing With The Stars

Jimmy Rees and Alexandra Vladimirov.
Jimmy Rees and Alexandra Vladimirov.

JIMMY Rees aka Jimmy Giggle’s Sydney home works on two modes at the moment – it is either really quiet or everything is going bananas.

His wife Tori gave birth to their twin boys Mack and Vinny at the beginning of February, providing siblings for three-year-old son Lenny.

Adding to the chaotic schedule was Rees stepping up to the challenge of appearing in this year’s season of Dancing With The Stars on Channel 10.

“I’d wanted to get my teeth into something a bit different and you never know when an opportunity like this would happen again,” Rees said.

“Ten and Warner Bros, who produce the show, have been fantastic in accommodating a few of my needs, which means I rehearse about 10 minutes down the road from where I live.

“Obviously it will get a bit trickier as Dancing With The Stars throws more at us, like learning two dances this week.

“I’m prepared for it to get even crazier if I stay in the comp a little longer but that’s fine, I have to get there first and I’ll cross that bridge if I come to it.”

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Jimmy Rees and Alexandra Vladimirov dancing the cha-cha-cha in episode 1.

Nicknamed ‘Jimmy Sizzle’ by judge Sharna Burgess in the first episode, 31-year-old Rees said his rehearsal schedule aimed to give him a nice work/life balance.

“Lenny goes to pre-school Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays so I drive him there, zip off to the rehearsal studio to dance, dance, dance all day and then pick him up,” he said.

“They are three full six or seven hour days of just dancing and squeezing in filming for the packages, Sunday is rehearsal day at Fox Studios and Monday is a long day before the show that night.

“I take Tuesday and Saturday off to spend with the family.”

Jimmy Rees dancing the jive in episode 2.
Jimmy Rees dancing the jive in episode 2.

The Giggle and Hoot children’s TV program presenter said Dancing With The Stars was a chance to show viewers a different side of him, having only ever “floundered around on stage in a few amateur musicals”.

“In the past I’ve been horrible at picking up choreography,” he said.

“Even just getting on the dance floor at a party or wedding just feels a bit foreign to me and I was never instilled with confidence. I have been surprised at how I have picked it up.

“It’s been six or seven weeks now of 15 to 20 hours a week and three shows under my belt, so I’m still very much an amateur dancer, but I feel more confident to try things.”

After doing the cha-cha-cha, jive and rumba, Rees and his professional dance partner Alexandra Vladimirov are gearing up for the salsa on Monday night’s Latin episode and hopeful to continue their positive run.

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Jimmy Rees and Alexandra Vladimirov dancing the rumba in episode 3.
Jimmy Rees and Alexandra Vladimirov dancing the rumba in episode 3.

“People keep telling me that I’m doing really well and I didn’t realise that I would do ok,” he said.

“I think a little bit of background in performing and being on TV has helped with the TV side of it.

“When you get into the studio it’s all about the camera angles, which I’ve done for 10 years, not with choreography though and it’s very vulnerable being out there doing a partnered dance.”

Making it all worthwhile is the charity Rees is dancing for, Melbourne children’s hospice Very Special Kids that assists kids and their families with life-threatening and terminal illnesses.

He is an ambassador for the charity that holds a special place in his heart.

“My nephew Rye (8) has some disabilities and his condition is unknown,” he said.

“We knew he had difficulties from birth but he’s really regressed over the past four years and the difficulties keep mounting.

“The doctors’ don’t know what it is and he’s been put on a list where his life expectancy is unknown.

“Very Special Kids has cared for him in the past and continue to provide casual care for him and support for the family.”

Dancing With The Stars continues Monday nights at 7.30pm.

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