Julia Morris gets out of Africa in time for Chris and Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway

Dr Chris Brown and Julia Morris.
Dr Chris Brown and Julia Morris.

JULIA Morris had the ultimate I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! moment when leaving the South African jungle at the end of this year’s series.

“For the first time ever we did a pre-record of the finale,” Morris said.

“So we shot it on Friday as if it was live, finished at midday and 10 minutes later I was in the car on my way to Johannesburg. That is a true Get Me Out Of Here if ever I heard one.”

Morris, now in the loving arms of her family in Sydney, had every need to make the swift exit given she and co-host Dr Chris Brown launch Ten’s new series Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway this weekend.

Inspired by Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway in the UK, the show has everything from celebrity pranks and live music to prizes and plenty of surprises.

“I lived in the UK for just on eight years and it is the sort of show that is seriously lacking in the landscape of Australian TV,” Morris said.

“I think we got in to a bit of a habit of nasty TV and while the style of bloodshed TV is still quite popular, it’s not something I can sit down and watch with my family.

“I don’t care if everyone is double screening, but I like the idea of sitting and laughing together.

“The thing I’m really looking forward to is that the laughs are going to lie side by side with the genuine, heartfelt stories and heartfelt reward. It’s the best way to squeeze the last bit out of a weekend.”

Capitalising on their Sunday night timeslot success from the past six weeks, Morris said she and Brown were match fit (despite jetlag) and ready to take the show by storm together.

When asked if she saw a time when the pair would tire of working together, the mum-of-two said she doubted she would ever get sick of the veterinarian.

“He’s genuinely the real deal and I think the secret is that we’re quite different people, so we’re still discovering things out about each other,” she said.

“I think he’s a very funny man so we definitely connect over our humour, over a mutual respect and any man who can stand alongside someone else’s wife and support them through their menopause is one of the greatest men on the planet.

“The sibling essence of our relationship seems to be what people like. We are such unlikely pals but we enjoy it and every year we are enjoying it more.”

Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway airs 7.30pm Sundays on Ten.