Keiko Uno returns to ocean with new collection

Keiko Uno. Picture: David Baylis d495388
Keiko Uno. Picture: David Baylis d495388

SEEN on homegrown personalities such as Julie Bishop, Jessica Marais and Louise Momber, Keiko Uno’s jewellery has made a glamorous statement over the past two decades.

From brooches to bracelets, the Scarborough designer creates an array of accessories drawing on a deep affection for the ocean.

“Coming from Japanese parents, the push was for my sisters and me to become doctors, lawyers or accountants; so there I was studying the finance stream of commerce but on the side I loved learning about design, silver smithing, gem grading and gemmology,” Uno said.

“Given my parents’ expectations, I thought jewellery design would be just a side hobby but now I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

“I feel so blessed to be a designer as my creations allow me to add to the joy of my clients as they celebrate life and love. And throughout the whole creative process, I get to meditate on a beautiful vision that I want to communicate through my jewellery.”

Keiko Uno’s new collection. Picture: David Baylis d495388

Uno’s newly released 2020 collection delves deeper into her earlier themes, including the beauty of the gorgonian sea fan coral and the drama of the octopus.

A stunning offering in the new collection are octopus statement earrings with baroque pearl and white topaz.

“A year ago when I launched my earrings, I thought these might be too edgy and daring to have wide appeal, but after such positive reception I am pushing boundaries even further with my 2020 designs,” Uno said.

“The feedback from clients is that that they want more confident, bold, colourful, fun and energetic jewellery.”

Keiko Uno’s new collection. Picture: David Baylis d495388

Uno said she was grateful to have the support of her community.

“I can’t believe how lucky I am that people who I so greatly admire and inspire me through their pursuit of excellence in their chosen fields, from business, politics, sports, medicine and media, would choose to wear Keiko Uno jewellery,” she said.

Uno will showcase her latest designs on September 14-15 and 21-22 as guest artist of Aspects of Kings Park.

Her pieces are available at Aspects, Yallingup Galleries, Karma Resort, Mundaring Arts Centre and the WA Maritime Museum.

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