Legends of Tomorrow and John Constantine actor Matt Ryan at Supanova Perth

Matt Ryan.
Matt Ryan.

LEGENDS of Tomorrow actor Matt Ryan starts filming the latest season of the hit show in July, but is in the dark about the plot as much as viewers are.

Ryan was in Vancouver on a break from filming the show, in which he plays supernatural detective John Constantine, when he spoke with Community News ahead of his visit to Perth as part of Supanova June 22-24.

But there is no point in trying to get some spoilers on season 4.

“I have no idea about the script, that is the job for the writer,” he said.

“They are back to work now (but) I will have to wait and see (what happens) as much as anyone.

“It has been great to play John over the arc.”

Ryan said he was keen to explore Australia when he touches down.

“This will be my first time in Australia; I recently went to New Zealand,” he said.

“I will go to Sydney and Perth and will have some time in-between; I am really looking forward to meeting the fans and looking around.”

The self-confessed sci-fi geek said he did not anticipate being caught up in the convention circuit when he accepted the titular role in the television show Constantine in 2014.

“I am a huge sci-fi fan, I was always a sci-fi geek,” he said.

“But before I took this role I wasn’t aware that conventions would be part of it

“I just looked at the role and wanted to play it and I was just happy they gave me a job.

“I have had some of the best times in the world (at conventions); you see some strange and amazing costumes.”