Letterboxes that will slot in perfectly at your home

This letterbox features a parcel drop box.
This letterbox features a parcel drop box.

THE humble letterbox is one of the first things people notice when arriving at your home.

It can be a bold and strong statement piece, or subtle and understated to reflect your style.

Abbey from Milkcan Outdoor Products believes your letterbox should be as stylish and well-designed as the home it introduces.

Below she delivers her expert knowledge to help you choose the right one for you.

What styles of letterboxes are on-trend right now?

Staying on trend with designs is reflected by ever-changing architectural home design and colour trends. This keeps us constantly motivated to come up with new designs and concepts ahead of the market trends and directions.

 Most popular styles 2018

– Parcel drop boxes: these are now the most popular choice for our ever-growing ecommerce shoppers, as they allow you to receive your parcels straight to your door securely, without ever needing to visit a post office again.

– Timber panel

– Simple, clean lines

A railway sleeper letterbox. Pinterest.

Popular colours 2018

– Industrial soft grey through to dark greys, black, stainless, earthy browns

Most popular materials in 2018

– Stainless Steel

– Powder coated Steel

– Timber

– Glass Reinforced Concrete: strong and lightweight

What top things should people consider when buying a letterbox?

– Appearance: A lot of people like to match their style of home when choosing a letterbox

– Functionality: Do you receive a lot of A4 mail, parcels, or are you looking for a nice compact and slimline style of letterbox?

– Suitable size to suit their space: It’s important to think about where you’re wanting to install your letterbox. There’s a style to suit any mounting method, whether it’s into a brick wall, on your fence or a stand-alone pillar.