Look into my Chicken

Entertainer Matt Hale likes to take the mystery out of hypnosis.
Entertainer Matt Hale likes to take the mystery out of hypnosis.

Speaking to Community Newspaper Group from Bali, the entertainer said he was squeezing in a quick holiday with some time at the island’s beaches before his festival show 100% Chicken Free! back home.

“I am a big Scarborough person and I have spent six months away from home touring,” Hale said.

“I have dedicated a month to stay at home; I live a few hundred metres from the venue so I could probably walk there.”

Hale said the reactions to his shows were universal, no matter which country he performed in.

“Their approach at the start for some is that they need more information about the show before it gets under way,” he said.

“It used to be quite mysterious, strange and mystical to audiences, but I try to explain (hypnosis) as like a daydream but on purpose. I’m a cliche buster; no shows feature swinging watches or turning people into chickens.

“I like to take the mystery out of hypnosis and show people how and why it works, and even let them experience it themselves.”

The former DJ and award winning radio comedy writer said he got strange looks at customs when he travelled but kept a sense of humour about his unusual profession.

“You have to put your profession on the immigration card when you travel overseas and I write hypnotist,” he said.

“When I go through customs I often get strange looks from the officers; they look at the card then look at me then look away quickly.

“Sometimes I just wave my hand in front of them as a joke.”


What: 100% Chicken Free!

Matt Hale Comedy Hypnotist

When: Jan 23, 27-30 at 6.45pm, Feb 4-6 at 10.40pm and Feb 10-13, 17-20 at 8pm

Where: Soba Stadium at Noodle Palace, Central Institute of Technology, 19 Francis Street, Perth

Tickets: From $20 at www.fringeworld.com.au