Looking at future backyard colour trends

Choose a palette that is on-trend for years to come.
Choose a palette that is on-trend for years to come.

WANT to get ahead of the game with upcoming tips for your garden?

Adrian Mason, of Aussie decking band, Trex, gives us the colour trends of 2020 to help you choose a palette that is on-trend for years to come.

What are the colour trends of 2020?

In Perth, we will soon see more mirroring of our backyards to their natural surrounds through the use of rich, nature-inspired colours like brown, gold, earth-red and lush greens.

I think we’ll see an upsurge in this style come 2020, and I can’t wait, as it’s also my personal favourite.

How can people apply these trends to their gardens and outdoor areas?

By looking at their backyards as a whole – consider the big areas such as decking, wall claddings and lawn, as well as the green from plants and blues from pools or water features. Everything should work together to create a cohesive setting.

It’s a good idea to envision the trends in your backyard before you invest.

Also, consider how you will use your outdoor space. If you like to sit out in the sun, read the paper and enjoy a cuppa with your family, then having a little courtyard spot is perfect for you and you could surround this with earth-coloured cushions and furniture.

Or, if you have a young family, consider a large outdoor beanbag in terracotta colours to off-set a deck or lawn.

What are the colour trends now?

Internationally, the ‘Hamptons Style’ has taken centre-stage. This trend features a palette of greys and creams, often paired with blues and anchored with white. Native Australian colours and lush green plants will naturally pop in this setting.

Is there a trend that you’ll be happy to see go?

Black painted decking taking up the majority of backyards. This was really popular a little while ago – alongside concrete floors and bright white paints. But a black painted patio is too hot underfoot, closes in the area by making it seem small and shows dirt easily, making the space not user-friendly.

Is Australia behind when it comes to home trends?

We have our own style. Sure, we apply influences from all over the world, but our climate and geographical location means we have no choice but to make it our own. We’re unique!