Luke McGregor to bring the laughs at Perth Comedy Lounge

Luke McGregor will perform at The Comedy Lounge
Luke McGregor will perform at The Comedy Lounge

IF comedian Luke McGregor’s next visit to WA is as eventful as the last one, Perth people are in for a treat.

The writer and star of Rosehaven and Luke Warm Sex will perform a series of stand-up gigs with other entertainers at the Comedy Lounge on November 23 and 24.

McGregor has enjoyed many memorable moments in Perth including the last time he was in town, when he needed to relieve himself mid-show leaving viewers confused and unsure if it was all part of the act.

“I love Perth, but it was the only time I needed to go to the toilet during the show,” he said.

“I was doing a gig at Scarborough to about 350 people.

“It was a solo one-hour show and halfway I was busting, and I just said I’m so sorry everyone and just left the stage and went to a portaloo.

“I came back and finished off the show and people thought it was part of the show but it really wasn’t.”

Having accidently fallen into stand-up, McGregor said it was his first laughs that were enough to get him hooked so much so he quit his job as a senior performance analyst at a superannuation company.

“It was pretty random, my housemate entered a comedy competition and I went along to watch,” he said.

“Someone didn’t show up and I was pretty drunk and I asked the people running it, if I could take their spot.

“I started off OK but halfway through I bombed.

“But just those couple of laughs when I first got on stage was enough to get hooked and I never stopped doing it after then.”

“I never thought about doing it until that moment on stage.”

McGregor will take part in Six in the City, Live Laughs and The Late Show.

Other acts scheduled to perform at The Comedy Lounge later in the year include Randy the Puppet and Dave Callan.

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