Masterchef puts spotlight on WA

Masterchef judges Gary Mehigan, Matt Preston and George Calombaris in the Swan Valley
Masterchef judges Gary Mehigan, Matt Preston and George Calombaris in the Swan Valley

WA’S finest will be on display to an international audience as part of a two-week food and wine extravaganza to be aired later this year on MasterChef.

Judge Matt Preston has been in Perth this week filming the episodes with fellow judges George Calombaris and Gary Mehigan.

He said viewers would see a show about contestants who go on to achieve their dreams.

In its 11th season, the current series includes three WA contestants: financial analyst Derek Lau, digital production assistant Joe Ahern and brewery sales manager Kyle Lyons.

“Derek broke the internet in the first episode with his excellent dumplings and magnificent arms,” Preston said.

“We explain why these people are so special at the beginning, but then it needs to be all about the food.

“There’s some amazing food here; Sandeep’s curries are freaking awesome, Anushka is the layer cake queen and Derek’s interesting because both his sweet and savoury game are both very strong.

“That is quite rare that people can do both, but now we are into the real stuff where they’re competing against each other with a dish they have practised before.”

Showcasing the best of the Swan Valley, Rottnest and Margaret River, Preston said WA was the perfect place to introduce to a worldwide audience because of its amazing produce, great local chefs and beautiful backdrops.

“We love this idea of coming to WA, showing off the state and what people who live here love about it knowing what will follow will hopefully be lots visitors in search of that restaurant or cafe,” he said.

“There are 180 countries around the world that watch the show,” he said. “There are lots of places here and with only two weeks to shoot a week of episodes, we are really only scratching the surface with WA.”

Preston said he believed the secret to the show’s popularity was due to it resonating with millions of viewers around the globe.

“The food has changed on the show; it’s home friendly and relatable, it’s a lovely show,” he said.

“It resonates in Syria, Portugal and the Netherlands.

“And the same thing that resonates with the viewer is the same stuff that resonates with someone like Massimo Bottura, who is the number one chef in the world.

“It’s about food and people in a supportive nurturing environment and he wants to be part of that.”