Mikala Westall’s Moving On Inc unpacks at Subiaco Theatre Festival

Mikala Westall.
Mikala Westall.

MIKALA Westall knows inspiration for a play can be found in the most random of conversations.

Moving on Inc, which premiered at Fringe World 2015, originated through a friend telling her about their job cleaning out deceased estates.

“It occurred to me how odd it was that a complete stranger could have that kind of access into someone else’s life; the accumulated memories and souvenirs that make up a life,” Westall said.

“It got me thinking about memory itself and how much we rely on possessions to support our memories; that connection we have to the things we collect.

“I guess I’m a bit of a hoarder myself, so I connected pretty strongly to that idea.”

The Fremantle creator and director has been given a second opportunity to present Moving on Inc with the play’s inclusion in Subiaco Theatre Festival 2016.

“The festival gives us an opportunity to widen our audience and to give people a chance to see the show if they missed it in its sold-out season last year,” she said.

“Hopefully it will pave the way for Moving On Inc to get out on the road and do some regional touring.”

Westall said the production dealt with personal issues including the death of a parent, the ending of a romantic relationship and the need to ‘make your mark’ on the world.

She said she felt it was a play people could identify with and a love story above all else.

“It’s about the romantic relationship between two of the main characters, but also about the love of a parent, the love of a certain memory and the love of the way you see yourself,” Westall said.

“It follows Abby on the 10th anniversary of her father’s death, who has driven out to the bush with some of her dad’s old possessions, along with her boyfriend Sam, in the hope of letting go and moving on.

“However, the unexpected visit by a ghostly figure shakes things up; it’s a kind of dark comedy.”

Amy Johnston has joined the cast as Abby, with Barnaby Pollock and Nicola Bartlett reprising their roles.

“A major theme of the play revolves around the memories that we create to protect ourselves from pain or disappointment,” Westall said.

“It explores what happens when those closely guarded memories are disrupted by reality, and for me, the play really begs the audience to question how open they are to forgiveness and facing up to the truth.”


What: Moving on Inc

Where: Subiaco Arts Centre

When: June 22 to 25

Tickets: www.ticketek.com.au