Murs spurs audience into frenzy

Olly Murs at Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.
Olly Murs at Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.

OLLY Murs had a packed audience at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre (PCEC) eating out of the palm of his hand on Tuesday night.

The cheeky charismatic Murs kicked off the first concert of his Australian Never Been Better Tour by promising to have everyone up dancing by the end of the night.

He fulfilled that promise early on with a party atmosphere erupting and everyone up dancing while singing the popular Up with support act 2014 The Voice winner Anja Nissen.

Nissen gave Demi Lovato a run for her money with a powerful performance and onstage rapport with Murs whose energy transpired through to the audience.

Essex-born Murs gave the audience his all by belting out ballads and pop tracks from his Never Been Better album while working the stage with dance moves reminiscent of Michael Jackson, Elvis and even Beyoncé.

Murs’ smooth demeanour and demand of the stage had young girls screaming for more chanting ‘Olly Olly Olly, Oi Oi Oi’.

He was flattered by the chant, carrying it on throughout the show and by the end was donning an Australian flag headband a fan gave him.

Between songs, Murs spoke about his time travelling Australia as a backpacker and his admiration for Aussie women, sending the crowd further into a frenzy.

The venue offered an intimate pub-like gig feel, which fit the show more than what Perth Arena, the original venue, would have offered.

It was a great show with the crowd leaving with the hope Murs will fulfil another promise he made, to one-day return to Perth.

Murs will perform in Brisbane on August 6 before heading to Adelaide and Sydney.