Musicians add to the mayhem of single launch at Perth Amplifier Bar

Benny Mayhem lead singer Ben Watson remembers growing up in the Peel region..
Benny Mayhem lead singer Ben Watson remembers growing up in the Peel region..

BENNY Mayhem lead singer and former Erskine resident Ben Watson returned to his roots on March 10 to play his new single Bulwer Street Waltz at Mandurah’s Monkey Bar.

“The event was fantastic and we had a really good response from the new single,” Watson said.

Watson said he remembered performing his first ever gig at Mandurah’s Boathouse Tavern when he was 18 years old.

“I started out in Mandurah completing a music course at Tafe and the logical step from there was to relocate to Perth,” he said.

“I’ve completed 700 performances and toured 11 countries in seven years as a solo artist and with the band.”

Born in Albany but raised in Mandurah, Watson is no stranger to the Peel region.

“I’m pretty regular to Mandurah as I have family down here – I even busk sometimes,” he said.

“Mandurah is beautiful and it’s not until you come back you realise how amazing the natural environment is.”

Watson said the lyrics to the band’s new single were about an influential time in his life when he was getting his musical bearings.

“It was really hard years ago trying to pursue music,” Watson said.

“I had to move from Mandurah to Perth and at the time I lived near the Hyde Park Hotel opposite Bulwer Street in West Perth.

“The new single is about those days playing music, living the adventure.

“One day I was in my room somewhere and the idea came to me and then the start of the lyrics and the tune – it all just seemed to kind of write itself.”

Benny Mayhem was initially a solo act by Watson for five years but at the end of 2015 he gained four new band members.

The band has already toured both Australia and the UK.

Watson said touring internationally was a surreal experience.

“I recently returned from Europe, where I did the Rebellion Festival in Blackpool, UK,” he said.

“People from all over the world went to see it and I was the only Australian performing.”

Benny Mayhem’s next performance will be this Friday, where the band will launch its new single and music video from 8pm to 11.30pm at Perth’s Amplifier Bar.

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