Mystery, madness and macabre in A Midnight Visit at Fringe World

Atara Lebransky (Yokine). Picture: Matt Jelonek d490467
Atara Lebransky (Yokine). Picture: Matt Jelonek d490467

YOU don’t have to be an Edgar Allan Poe aficionado to relish the experience of A Midnight Visit, but it helps if you’re partial to a tale of mystery, madness and the macabre.

Using the works and worlds of Poe as inspiration, the immersive theatre production is at Perth Fringe World after a stellar 12-week Sydney season.

Taking place in the historic Girls School in East Perth, comprising a 34-room performance space, the show leads audiences on a choose-your-own-adventure path.

“You move through the spaces on your own accord and you can go into whatever room you like – some times actors will encourage you to come into a certain room, but you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do,” Yokine actor Atara Lebransky said.

“I loved reading choose-your-own-adventure books growing up; they were so much fun because every time you read the book it was different and that’s the same as our show.

“We get people coming back multiple times because they want to have different experiences and there are so many different journeys they can choose.”

Lebransky, fresh from graduating from the Queensland Conservatorium and playing the role of schoolgirl, Lizzie Reid, said the show was funny, sexy, contemporary and tantalising while exploring themes of death, guilt and madness.

“I’ve never done anything like this before and I’m honoured to be a part of something so extraordinary,” she said.

“I’m amazed that immersive theatre isn’t as big as it could be in Australia but I think it will get there through shows like this.”

Lebransky completed a year of her Bachelor of Musical Theatre at WAAPA before moving to Queensland two years ago.

She’s thrilled to perform this production in her home town.


What: A Midnight Visit

When: Until March 3

Where: Girls School , East Perth