Paul Dempsey’s fiery words

WHEN his second solo album drops later this year, there will be only one thing left for Something for Kate frontman Paul Dempsey to do: burn the evidence.

The Melbourne muso said dozens of notebooks filled with song ideas and lyrics for his yet-untitled new release would soon be reduced to a pile of ashes in his backyard.

�The album is the most important thing, so when it�s finished, those notebooks just feel like baggage weighing me down,� Dempsey said.

�I can�t quite explain why, but I�m really secretive and I can�t stand the thought of all these thousands of words lying around for someone to find.�

Before he heads into the studio to record his self-confessed �long overdue� follow-up to 2009�s gold-selling solo debut Everything Is True, Dempsey will try out some of his new songs live at the Rosemount Hotel next month.

�I�m not too nervous because it would be silly to expect an immediate reaction on the spot; no one ever completely gets a song on first listen,� he said.

�The stuff I write rewards repeated plays; there�s usually a fair few layers going on that won�t be immediately obvious. Writing this album, and now starting to perform the songs has been about following my instincts, stumbling my way forward. Already I can tell this album is different, I can�t really say how, but it feels like something I haven�t done before.�

Dempsey said he felt incredibly fortunate to share his time between playing with Something for Kate and going off on his own every few years.

�I really like the totally solo acoustic shows because they feel more intimate, like you can just hang out with the crowd and chat,� he said.

�When you�re playing with the band you feel like you have to hurry up and play the next song because they�re waiting for you.

�I�m lucky I get to have a really noisy, loud, abrasive rock band with my best friends, and I also get to go and do these� maybe it�s not the right word, but more soulful shows. When you�re not competing with drums and electric guitars, you can actually hear yourself sing. It is definitely a different mode of performing.�

Paul Dempsey live

WHERE: Rosemount Hotel, North Perth

WHEN: May 1 from 8pm

WEB: or