Penchant for polo

Garrett Prendiville rides 'Decimal'.
Garrett Prendiville rides 'Decimal'.

Garrett Prendiville, who has played since the age of 10, will take to the field with his brothers for Polo in the Valley on April 19 at Duncraig Stud in the Swan Valley.

A love for horses, quick reflexes, fitness and nerve are just some of the things the 29-year-old said were needed to play the game. He said he was looking forward to duelling with player Kit Brooks and the team from Citigold.

�The matches will be tight and the players well balanced everyone can play their respective positions very well at this level so it should make for a real spectacle,� he said.

He added he believed the event had become one of Perth�s most popular as it was now more accessible.

�Exhibition matches such as Polo in the Valley mean that people have been actively encouraged to come out and enjoy the game and so the exposure has increased as a result.

�I think polo is also so much more approachable now – the entry barriers are nothing like they used to be.

�The kit you need is cheaper, horses are easier to access if you don�t own any yourself, and proper, qualified training is available all over the country.�

Having travelled all over the world, he said the sport not only gave him something to share with his family but had also given him unforgettable experiences.

�Polo is also a passport to the world I have had some amazing experiences by calling people I have never met while travelling and asking them if they wanted to hit a few chukkas and been welcomed with open arms,� he said.