Perth Comedy Festival: Tommy Little – Self Diagnosed Genius

Perth Comedy Festival: Tommy Little – Self Diagnosed Genius

SINGLE ladies looking to nab a date with comedian Tommy Little might want to try their luck on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday.

The host of Ten’s The Project who will bring his show Self Diagnosed Genius to Perth in May, said people attending the show would get to forget about their lives for an hour and laugh at “all the sh*t” in his, including stories on his dating life or lack there of.

“Look I’m very clucky, I’d love kids but all I do is work,” he said.

“I want a happy relationship with kids and a partner but I don’t want to any of the work to get to that point.

“If I go on a first date, I feel sick in the stomach and think ugh why am I doing this?

“And at the moment I’m off the swipes (internet dating sites), they are too stressful but give me a beer and I’ll be back on the swipes, like on the weekend.

“Tuesdays are very much an off the swipes day.

“When it comes to Thursday, Friday and Saturday on the swipes, Sunday delete everything, Monday, Tuesday reconsider your life, Wednesday think about starting again and Thursday you’re reborn.”

Tommy Little says people will get to laugh about his crazy life and forget about theirs.

Little who last year bungee jumped nude for brain cancer, ran a marathon in Antarctica to help find a cure for Spinal Cord Injury and created a racy calendar to raise money and awareness for homeless charity HoMie, admits to having his hands full but also liked the idea of one-day being able to take time for himself.

“Last year I thought I’d be able to run a marathon in Antarctica stupidly I thought if I ran around for a while, all my issues in my personal life would make it better and life would be peachy but you still have to face all the sh*t that happens in your normal life,” he said.

“I’m going to try and stop doing (that crazy) stuff and while I do like to do good work and raise money for good causes, I think it’s time I try and slow down a little.”

As for if fans will get to see a 2020 racy calendar, according to Little his modelling days are over.

“The main thing was to make sure it was different, I wanted to convince people it was something I was actually giving a go,” he said.

“There was a certain element where I was trying to troll people at the start.

“It’s slightly disheartening because everyone was like ‘yep, we knew you were a w*nker’.

Tommy Little won’t be replicating the calendar he did for homeless organisation Homie.


WHAT: Tommy Little – Self Diagnosed Genius

WHERE: Heath Ledger Theatre

WHEN: Friday and Saturday May 3 and 4