Perth here’s the top ten TV shows to stream while the weather is wild

Couple feet with socks on the sofa at home
Couple feet with socks on the sofa at home

Whether you like to Netflix and chill when the weather gets chilly, or Stan while you’re a solo man, we have ten shows that we consider must watch.

  1. Best show to stream right now because everyone is going to be talking about it soon – Killing Eve (ABC iView)

The entire first series is ready to watch now. This show is reminiscent of Orphan Black but with MI6 instead of clones. It stars Grey’s Anatomy favourite Sandra Oh as title character Eve in a role completely different to anything we’ve seen her in before. Oh’s Eve faces off against sexy psychotic Russian assassin Villanelle.  It’s tense and we watched the entire first season in one day.

  1. A show that is easy on the eyes and heart – Queer Eye (Netflix)

Catch up with the Queer Eye lads before season two hits on June 15. A highlight of the first season is meeting Tom the margarita-loving redneck who wants a makeover to impress his ex-wife (spoiler – the pair remarried this year, so cute!).

  1. If you’re getting bored of The Walking Dead – The 100 (Foxtel up to Season 5, Netflix up to Season 3)

If you find the lack of character development in The Walking Dead frustrating but like post-apocalyptic TV, The 100 might be for you. While the group of survivors in The Walking Dead are tackling zombies, our heroes in The 100 grew up on spaceships due to a nuclear apocalypse before 100 of them are sent back to Earth. As an added bonus the lead Clarke Bellamy is played by Australian Eliza Taylor.

  1. For people who don’t trust the government – The Handmaid’s Tale (SBS on demand)

The second season picks up where Margaret Atwood’s book left off. We’re back in Gilead – the fictional country where a civil war has led to fertile women being owned and controlled. Lead character Offred is pregnant and trying to escape.

  1. For people who wish Oprah was funnier – My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman (Netflix)

The former King of American late night TV is back and his beard is almost a third character. In this short run series he meets with guests as diverse as Barack Obama and Malala Yousafzai. His interview with funny woman Tina Fey is a stand out.

  1. One for Australian drama lovers – Picnic at Hanging Rock (Foxtel Now)

It’s so pretty, but also kind of creepy in an ethereal way. Everything that was good about the original film is here – with some bonus mystery thanks to Natalie Dormer (Margaery Tyrell from Game of Thrones).

  1. When you’re in need of a laugh – Dave Chappelle: The Age of Spin (Netflix)

Dave Chappelle is back on our screen and he’s a master of his craft. Chappelle is often controversial and offensive, but always funny.

  1. A must for sci-fi buffs – Westworld (Foxtel now)

Is this pure entertainment or a warning about the perils of artificial intelligence?  Sadistic and masochistic humans enter a theme park full of “hosts” robots that look just like people. The hosts passively bend to the wants and needs of their human visitors. But slowly they begin to become self-aware. Dun dun dun.

  1. If you’re missing Game of Thrones – The White Queen/The White Princess (Stan)

This is the real-life saga Game of Thrones is based on  – England’s War of the Roses. The War of the Roses was a bloody civil war which eventually saw Henry Tudor VII victorious. This series shows how he got there and introduces you to the mother and grandmother of murderous Henry the VIII.

  1. For fans of indie films- Atlanta (SBS on demand)

Atlanta is more than its description – which is this – a broke young black man called Earn (played by Donald Glover) from Atlanta is trying to make something of himself, his cousin’s rap career is just beginning, so Earn proposes to become his manager. This series shows a side of the US that we Australians rarely see.

BONUS documentary: Wild Wild Country (Netflix) – this show is crazy and it’s all true. An Indian sex cult moves to Oregon which upsets the conservative townsfolk.