Perth’s Brooke Blurton returns to Paradise for another shot at love

Will Perth's Brooke Blurton find love in Paradise.
Will Perth's Brooke Blurton find love in Paradise.

DESPITE saying she was done with reality television, Perth’s Brooke Blurton will make her return to the small screen on tonight’s series return of Bachelor in Paradise.

Blurton, who was the favourite to win Nick Cummin’s heart in the last series of The Bachelor, walked away from the “Honey Badger” after he was unable to show his commitment to her.

The youth worker, who last year said she was happy to return to normality, said the decision to go back on television had involved a lot of thinking.

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Former Bachelor Richie Strahan with ex-girlfriend Alex Nation. Picture: Matrix/GC Images

“I say one thing and do another,” she said.

“I had some things I had to weigh up but thought there was a bit of an opportunity in ‘paradise’ and not a lot of people get that opportunity, so I thought why not give it a crack.

“Last year when I did The Bachelor it was all about stepping out of my comfort zone and giving it a crack and I think the same applies with Paradise, give it a crack and see how it goes, rather than thinking about the negative things that have happened and being discouraged by it.”

Blurton is linked to a couple of spicy storylines including hooking up with Richie Strahan’s ex Alex Nation and revealing a secret about Nick Cummins.

She said while she was a little tense going onto The Bachelor, viewers would see a more relaxed Brooke in Paradise.

“I went into it (The Bachelor) with zero expectations whereas Paradise I have an understanding of what it’s like, so I think I was a little bit more relaxed,” she said.

“I think it was good because I sort of knew what to expect, but that could be dangerous cause you’re so relaxed.

“I was still a bit sensitive but I was stronger in what I was looking for and I think because there were previous contestants there were similarities; they’ve gone through the same experience and you can connect and bond on that level.”

So what does the future hold and does it include more TV and most importantly has she found love?

“I was hoping Bachelor in Paradise would give me that opportunity where you’d get to know someone,” Blurton said.

“I was curious to know Alex (Nation), I’ve been asked about her and I didn’t know much about her but I wanted to get to know her on face value rather than go and Instagram stalk her.

“I had nothing to lose, I was still single at the time.”

So does that mean Blurton’s not single now?

“Um no, no, yes and no,” she said.

Guess we will have to wait and see.

Bachelor in Paradise returns to Ten tonight at 7.30pm.