Pete Murray mucho Camacho for Kings Park A Day on the Green with James Blunt

Pete Murray.
Pete Murray.

UNLIKE some artists sharing a concert line-up, A Day on the Green singers James Blunt and Pete Murray have previously met in coincidental circumstances.

“I’ve met him twice,” Murray said.

“The first time I was in New York on the sixth floor, pushed the button to the lift, it came down and when the doors opened James Blunt was the only person in there.

“I stepped in and was kind of freaking out and he probably thought I was just another weirdo fan. I told him I was a singer-songwriter from Australia and when I told him my name, he said he knew my music. We chatted and said we might see each other around one day.

“Three months later I was in Amsterdam, on the sixth floor, pushed the button to go down and the doors open to reveal just James Blunt again. I told him ‘I’m stalking you’ and he said ‘No, I’m stalking you’. He has this great sense of humour and great wit, so I’m looking forward to seeing him again. Hopefully the next time will be outside the lift.”

The pair will perform at Kings Park and Botanic Gardens on March 20 with Busby Marou and Alex Lloyd, where concert-goers can expect new songs from Murray’s latest album Camacho, released last year, as well as some older favourites too.

The album’s name was inspired by an old Spanish book the Byron Bay singer found featuring a photo of a venue called Cafe Camacho.

“When I got home I checked it out and found Camacho had a couple of different meanings but the first one I read was ‘the act of cool’,” Murray said.

“It became the name of the song I’d been working on and then the working title of the whole album.

“So every time I had to do something, it just had to sound cool. Whenever I’d play something I’d turn to whoever was in the studio with me and ask them if it sounded Camacho enough.

“It’s been getting such good feedback. Even some of my fans say that they favour this one over Feeler, which is pretty tough considering that was such a big album.”

Murray is no stranger to A Day on the Green shows (he has done more than 20) and said Kings Park was one of his favourite venues.

“Perth crowds just love having a great time; I have felt like Bruce Springsteen before when playing in Perth,” he said.

“All A Day on the Green shows have an amazing vibe and this one will too. James Blunt has a pretty wicked band and I know he gets a bit of flack off some people for whatever reason, but I think he has some great songs and is really good live, so I’m looking forward to seeing him play. Apparently he has a pretty killer band as well; everyone is total Camacho.”


What: A Day on the Green – James Blunt, Pete Murray, Busby Marou, Alex Lloyd

Where: Kings Park and Botanic Garden

When: March 20