PIAF: Lady Eats Apple not what you expect

Lady Eats Apple.
Lady Eats Apple.

THE poster tagline for PIAF co-commission Lady Eats Apple by Back to Back Theatre is to leave your preconceptions of theatre at the door.

This is the best advice you could give any audience member about to spend the next 75 minutes immersed in the theatrical experience.

Based in Geelong, the contemporary company presents productions devised and performed by an ensemble of actors with a disability; providing a voice which can easily get lost among the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Expecting the unexpected begins from the moment you enter Heath Ledger Theatre where the auditorium doors are closed and audience members are directed to a side entrance where they individually squeeze/birth through an inflatable gateway and find a seat within the cacoon of creation on what is usually the stage.

Headphones are worn throughout the show, which make it easier to hear the performers speak and contributes to a heightened level of engagement; subtitles are also used.

Although it can get a little warm, handheld fans also await audience members as they get to their seat and are a much welcome device during the production.

The program asks you to create your own myth, so without pushing this reviewer’s theories, I will simply say Lady Eats Apple is broken into three acts – A New God, Matter Creates Matter and The Human Bond.

It examines issues of creation, mortality and humanity.

The performers are truly inspiring and remind us life is a very long list of possibility.

Lady Eats Apple is showing at Heath Ledger Theatre until March 5.