Puppy play in Perth with Paw Patrol Live: The Great Pirate Adventure

Paw Patrol Live: The Great Pirate Adventure.
Paw Patrol Live: The Great Pirate Adventure.

YOU won’t see the customary two-legged walk-around costumes of many children’s live shows in the new Paw Patrol production, says Spencer McLaren.

“We use Bunraku puppetry, which is a Japanese-style puppetry, and it’s not unlike a lot of the stuff from The Lion King musical, but imagine that wrapped in coloured felt,” the Life Like Touring general manager said.

“Each of these pups is six-feet long – they are huge – and beautiful and quite expressive.”

In Paw Patrol Live: The Great Pirate Adventure, the heroic pups embark on a pirate-themed adventure to uncover hidden treasure.

“This is an opportunity to get the kids away from the television and see something live,” McLaren said.

“There’s adventure too, and it’s a very special day for the kids – you see so many of them come in costume and they are so excited.

“Even if you’re not a fan of the TV show, this production is large-scale with a cast of 13 and a huge digital screen and great original music, so it’s like a mini rock concert for the kids who have a great time and we often have a little mosh pit at the front, which is quite amusing.”

McLaren said the popularity of the Nickelodeon CGI–animated television series (commencing in 2013) came down to its motto: ‘no job is too big, no pup is too small.’

“All little kids respond really well to that and the feeling like they can contribute,” he said.

“I think the brand itself is really inclusive and there’s a real chance for kids to get involved in the fantasy and the adventure and say: ‘I can do it too, I can save the world!’

“The program is at the height of its power right now and the toys are the number one selling brand all around the world.”


What: Paw Patrol Live: The Great Pirate Adventure

When: June 2 and 3

Where: Perth Convention And Exhibition Centre, Perth

Tickets: www.ticketek.com.au