Richard Dreyfuss takes final swipe at The Project’s Lisa Wilkinson in Perth during Supanova

Richard Dreyfuss at Supanova in Perth.
Richard Dreyfuss at Supanova in Perth.

HOLLYWOOD legends Kathleen Turner and Richard Dreyfuss made a rare appearance in Perth at Supanova on the weekend to answer burning questions from local fans about their careers.

It was 1980s sex symbol and Romancing the Stone star Turner’s first time back in town in 40 years.

Dreyfuss, from Jaws and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, spoke about why he loved acting, his inspirations and friendship with Jaws co-star Robert Shaw.

But the screen legend could not help himself having one last dig at Sunday Project host Lisa Wilkinson after their tiff that played out in the media the last few days.

Dreyfuss took exception to Wilkinson’s question on the program regarding sexual allegations made against him in November last year and while on a rival network accused Wilkinson of committing “a breach of ethical behaviour”.

Wilkinson later published an open letter to Dreyfuss on June 23 saying she had email proof that his publicists was made aware of the question she intended to ask.

But it appeared Dreyfuss wanted the last word on the matter.

When the call was made during his Q and A for a final question, Dreyfuss took his shot.

“If that lady from The Project was here, she’d have all kinds of questions,” he said.

Turner shared on-set stories about her hit films and anecdotes about her famous co-stars Danny DeVito and Michael Douglas.

Turner discussed the reason behind her being unbilled in Who Framed Roger Rabbit despite voicing main animated character Jessica Rabbit.

“I felt Bob Hoskins had put in weeks and months of work on the film and I didn’t,” she said.

“I had studio sessions, but I wasn’t on the set working the 16-hour days they were, but because of my stature in the industry, I would have had to have equal billing, and I didn’t think that was right.

“I didn’t feel that I did equal work.”