Ricki-Lee’s emotional new role on Australia’s Got Talent

Ricki-Lee Coulter on Australia’s Got Talent.
Ricki-Lee Coulter on Australia’s Got Talent.

DAGGY, down-to-earth and a big heart are three of the attributes that landed Ricki-Lee Coulter her latest role as host of Seven’s Australia’s Got Talent.

“I worked with the people doing AGT on Australian Idol and Dancing With The Stars who know I’m not afraid of making fun of myself or being a bit silly,” Coulter said.

“I could empathise with the people who were auditioning because I’ve stood in their shoes and been the person freaking out, terrified and worried, doubting myself when I had to go out and audition for Australian Idol. “Initially when they approached me to do the show I thought it was to be a judge, but then they showed me how Tyra Banks hosts the American version and Ant and Dec do Britain’s Got Talent.

“I hadn’t seen anything more suited to me in my life.”

Ricki-Lee Coulter on Australia’s Got Talent.

Heading into rehearsals for the semi-final, Coulter said the hardest aspect of her role during the auditions was how connected she got to everyone, which took her on an emotional rollercoaster.

“I’d get to know every single person before they went out on the stage to audition,” the 33-year-old Sydneysider said.

“So when things went well I’d celebrate, dance and jump around, but when it didn’t go well I’d be bawling my eyes out with their family.

“It’s not a show about criticising people, it’s about celebrating their talent, no matter how weird and wonderful. The essence of AGT is really pure and I think that’s what people are going to love about it.”

Coulter said she had only previously worked with judge Lucy Durack, who she described as “the nicest person on earth and an absolute ray of sunshine from Perth”.

Shane Jacobson, Lucy Durack, Nicole Scherzinger and Manu Feildel.

However she immediately clicked with others on the judging panel: Nicole Scherzinger, Shane Jacobson and Manu Feildel.

All five, including Coulter, were given the one-time-only opportunity to push the golden buzzer sending one act directly to the semi-final, which Coulter described as another heart-racing emotional moment.

“It was such a great feeling to be able to be part of somebody’s story,” she said.

“You don’t own the act but you inadvertently support your golden buzzer over everyone else. I’m definitely going to back them right to the end.”

The aspect Coulter is not backing is the entertainment value of her many talents, apart from singing, that would be AGT worthy.

“I don’t know if I have another talent that I could perform on a show like this,” she said.

“I’m really good at packing a suitcase and I played a lot of Tetris growing up, so I can pack the boot of a car like nobody else.”

Australia’s Got Talent is on Seven from July 28.

Ricki-Lee Coulter on Australia’s Got Talent.

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