Simon Black roars in Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders

Simon Black in Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders.
Simon Black in Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders.

WHEN the Australian Football Hall of Fame phoned Brisbane Lions triple premiership player Simon Black to congratulate him on being voted into this year’s class, he had to decline the induction ceremony due to a long-standing commitment.

Thankfully it was agreed the honour could be postponed until next year, which left Black free to fly to Fiji to compete in Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders.

“I’ve been a Survivor fan for years; I’d sit at home with my wife Catherine and watch it.” Black said.

“This time last year we were sitting there watching it when she asked me if I’d have a go if I got the opportunity. I said ‘Yeah, for sure’, so when I was asked late last year I thought I better put my money where my mouth is. I had to say yes.”

Simon Black in Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders.

The father of three, who attended Corpus Christi College and played for East Fremantle Football Club until he was drafted to Brisbane at 18, said the social side of the game was massive and he knew how important it was to work on genuine relationships in the tribe.

“Being really transparent, open and honest about who you are is really valuable,” the Simon Black Australian Rules Academy founder said.

“I felt that helped, particularly when the athlete’s alliance got decimated. The first phase of the game was to stick to my alliance and just try to get through until merge.”

Simon Black in Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders.

Challenged by the lack of sleep and food was also hard, given Black’s background of “being a pretty pampered footballer over your journey, where nutritional plays a big part in your performance”.

However, he has enjoyed watching the show as it airs Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights on Ten.

“It’s been awesome and interesting how they’ve edited it after living it,” he said.

“Essentially it’s two days of filming for one episode so there’s a lot of editing that goes on. It’s cool, but I haven’t been able to get too much of a word in at this point.”

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