Sky’s no limit for Jon

JON Davison has a photographic flair for taking breathtaking sights and turning them into amazing pictures.

The South Fremantle resident and creator of Eye in the Sky might appear to love his �boys toys� � snapping vintage and modern airplanes as well as working and military ships � but it is his work from the air that sets him apart.

Davison takes his camera everwhere, shooting well-known sites from thousands of metres in the air � including the Bungle Bungles, the Great Barrier Reef, lava flow in Hawaii and Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

He said he enjoyed jumping on board an R44 or AS350 helicopter to take photos of the scenery below.

�My main love is shooting from the open door of a helicopter or aircraft,� he said.

�Shooting from a fast jet to another one is awesome.

�I love shooting anything that is moving and I love the earth from above.�

Having worked for companies such as Berlitz, AA Guides and Lonely Planet, Davison�s work has taken him all over the world, but he still rates northern WA as one of his favourite places to snap.

�I love imagery in all its forms, including painting and illustration, but the photographic image captivates me still,� he said.

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