Sliding into something new

Jus Burgers owner Justin Bell.|Picture: Marcus Whisson d426265
Jus Burgers owner Justin Bell.|Picture: Marcus Whisson d426265

Burger-genius Justin Bell of Jus Burgers also agrees, which is why he decided to revamp his menu to include the burger du jour, as well as some new sides.

I went along to Jus Burgers’ new-look restaurant to check out what yummy treats had made the menu and was super-impressed with the results after sharing four sliders and sides, including a serve of their famous onion rings and coleslaw, plus new addition sweet potato wedges and spicy Spanish salt and chipotle.

The sliders served on charred brioche buns by Jean Pierre Sancho came in Americano, Shark Bay Prawn, Pulled Pork and South East Asia.

I could not get into them quick enough.

First up was the Shark Bay Prawn with chilli relish, Asian slaw, salad, crispy shallots and garlic, coconut lime dressing ($14.50 for a burger version).

I don’t ever do fish burgers, it’s just not my thing, but this was up there as the best on the menu, delicious with an almighty kick. It was the best way to start the slider experience.

Next was the South East Asia slider where you could choose any meat or have it vegetarian. I got chicken.

Served with chilli relish, Asian slaw, salad, crispy shallots, garlic, coconut lime dressing, this $7.50 ($15 for burger) flavoursome treat went well with the sweet potato wedges.

The $7 Americano will get you a char-grilled wagyu beef, pickles, Kraft American cheese, salad, mustard and ketchup in a slider, while $14 gets you the burger version.

I liked this one, but have to admit it was my least favourite following the previous sliders, which were so robust in flavour.

I always save the best for last and for me it was the Pulled Pork.

Messy but so delicious, this slider was filled with slow cooked Linley Valley free range pork, chipotle, balsamic onions, slaw and cheese $7.50 ($15 for a burger) – I could not get enough.

Justin Bell manages to do the burger thing right time and time again; it’s never bad and always ‘jus’ right.