Smart bag charges phone on the go

Hustle bag designers Lisa and John Winters.
Hustle bag designers Lisa and John Winters.

Mrs Winters said the couple had spent every spare minute outside their day jobs developing the high end, luxurious and technological product, which charges a Smartphone wirelessly.

‘I was tired of having to carry a phone charger around in my bag and sit near a wall while my phone charged, or worse having a phone with no battery,’ Mrs Winters said..

‘It has been specially designed to be slim and lightweight, but with enough power to charge any Smartphone up to four times.

‘The phones connect to a cable in the bag and as the battery is in-built, it cannot be seen or taken out ” we have worked hard to make this a high quality product.’

The 31-year-old, also a mother-of-one, said the couple were now happy to share with everyone what they had spent so long perfecting.