Start pool install plans now to make a summer splash

Winter pool planning.
Winter pool planning.

IF YOU’RE looking to install a pool in time for summer, now is the time to act.

Landscape designer Matt Leacy said the entire process took at least six months to complete when considered properly.

“Developing a concept – if done properly – usually takes between two to three months to complete and then you’ve got to factor in getting the design approved to build, which can take up to three months,” he said.

“Once approved, the pool needs to be installed.

“After all is said and done, you can potentially be looking at a six-month process at best, so it’s smart to get a wriggle on now if you’re aiming to make a summer splash.”

Matt’s tips for pool installation

Plan before purchasing

The first step is to get a professional to assess the logistics and suitability of installing a pool in your specific space.

You don’t want to do things in reverse – buying a pool on a whim without first looking at things like how it will connect and integrate with existing spaces and the overall outdoor aesthetic is not a good idea.

Find your A-team

Starting the process now will always give you time to speak to different experts and find a team that works for you.

A pool is a huge long-term investment that will affect not only your property value but also your day-to-day lifestyle.

Therefore, you need to be confident that your team is credible, trustworthy and capable of delivering a premium product both on-brief and on time.

While budget will always be a relevant factor, I recommend working with companies that offer both landscape design and pool installation services rather than just pool design companies.

Have a budget and ideas in mind

Come to the table with at least a rough budget in mind; that way, from the outset, your design team can conceptualise a plan that’s achievable.

That said, a pool is a long-term investment that you want to stand the test of time, so try to be realistic.

You can only pay for what you can afford but you won’t want to barter down too much on price because the quality of the pool will suffer.