Strange but good

Strange but good

The brainchild of local Greg Leaver and business partners Matt Giudice, Jason Townes, and Clancy and Darcy Travers, the bar-cum-restaurant ticks all the boxes for the friends who came together to create something outside the box.

Leaver, also the owner of Fremantle institution X-Wray, said the new bar was slick and cool but comfortable enough to feel like your lounge room.

�It�s a combination of ideas from five different people about what they wanted to see in a bar,� he said.

�There was a range of different people involved � some younger people and some older people � so we had to try make something that we all felt comfortable with.

�That�s what Fremantle is all about and that�s where the name �Strange Company� came from.

�There�s a whole selection of different people in Freo and we wanted to appeal to as broad a range as we could and still make it comfortable for everyone.�

Enlisting the expertise of Movida-trained chef Ricky Mandozzi, the menu has a mediterranean flavour, with ingredients sourced locally where possible.

�He�s very influenced by that Spanish rustic style of food,� Leaver said.

�He loves local seafood, he�s really careful about what suppliers he uses and where he finds his produce.

�He likes to find ethical and local produce if he can. If he can�t find it here he�ll find it from anywhere in the world that he�s happy with.�

As for the favourites, Leaver said customers could not go past the chargrilled Fremantle sardines washed down with a New York Sour.

�Everyone�s raving about the sardines; they�re caught by Jim Mandolio, who�s a Fremantle legend,� he said.