Subiaco Theatre Festival is The One for Georgia King

Mark Storen and Georgia King.
Mark Storen and Georgia King.

THOSE who missed seeing The One during this year’s Fringe World Festival have a second chance to witness theatre maker and performer Georgia King release her inner rock chick as the play with songs opens Subiaco Theatre Festival 2017.

King said she and her Whiskey and Boots indie theatre company partner Mark Storen were thankful for the opportunity to continue their journey with the production, written and directed by Jeffrey Jay Fowler.

“Mark and I had been toying with the idea of doing a two-hander show together which was a bit more adult because we’d just done children’s show Benjamin and Me,” King said.

“We realised we really needed another person to come in. We met Jeffrey about the idea and the styles we were talking about.

“Jeffrey had previously considered doing something about the pros and cons of marriage which we thought sounded interesting so commissioned him to write it, but didn’t think at that stage he’d be the director. After we workshopped it we couldn’t imagine anyone else. I think he is the best director for his writing.”

King said the result was like a savage fever dream that was dark, bluesy and a little like being at a music gig.

“We do a lot of talking to music; a lot of the storytelling is done on mic with the guitar underneath,” she said.

“It has that bluesy music gig vibe but it’s also funny in parts, heartbreakingly sad and goes a bit wild.”

King, an ECU graduate who has studied acting in New York, said the piece was a boy meets girl story where everything was going fine until one day he decided she was ‘the one’.

“In our culture for whatever reason, when you decide they’re ‘the one’ you must propose and marry them,” Kind said.

“Therein lies the unravelling of their relationship because she just doesn’t see that there’s any point and looks at the grim history that marriage has come from.

“They come to a head and try to get over it but it’s wedged such a division between them.”

This will be King’s third year at Subiaco Theatre Festival following her performance in The Little Mermaid and producing Moving On Inc.

Other productions in the Subiaco Theatre Festival 2017 program include 10,000, Heart Lines and The Great Ridolphi.


What: The One

Where: Subiaco Arts Centre

When: June 7 to 10