The best in Perth pot and planter designs

Pop & Scott Mali Pot In Charcoal, Little Leaf Co ($285)
Pop & Scott Mali Pot In Charcoal, Little Leaf Co ($285)

THERE is no doubt that gardening is the hippest pastime at the moment.

And there’s nothing more on trend right now than bringing the garden indoors.

Potted plants have taken centre stage in must-have home interiors, just as vital to a room as a well-placed rug or striking piece of art, so you want to show off your greenery in a suitably stylish setting.

We scoured beloved Perth botanical and homeware stores – and everyone’s favourite budget outlet, Kmart – to find some of the cutest pots and planters to suit your aesthetic and price point.

1. Still Life Rainbow Hanger ($129) and Tweed Pot, Hass & Co Botanics, ($20.95)

2. Art in the Forest Cachepot – Scallop, West Elm ($22)

3. Ceramic Animal Planter Llama, West Elm ($29.25)

4. Audrey Face Planter, Hass & Co Botanics ($74.95)

5. Lightly Designs Leather Hanger $132 with Lightly Designs Brass Pot ($107)

6. Pop & Scott Charlie Brown Pot In Peach, Little leaf Co ($195)

7. Pot with Acacia Stand, Kmart ($15)

8. Home Republic Colorado Plant Stand Grey, Adairs (from $60)

9. Swan Planter, Kmart ($12)