The best of Amazon

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AHEAD of the likely imminent launch of Amazon in Australia, the Community News team has put together what we think are some of the best products available on it’s US site.

1. Smartphone controlled paper plane

For $49.87 and to the annoyance of the office, you can fly your paper plane for a distance of 55 metres. Available here. 

2. Dog house with a view

Is you dog even spoiled if its house doesn’t have a second storey? Or if it doesn’t have its own teepee? House here and teepee here. 

3. A breakfast sandwich maker

Cooking breakfast in a frypan is so 90s. The future is an all-in-one breakfast muffin machine. Find it here.

4. Horse head

Be your true self – be a unicorn. Available here. 

5. Nessie ladle

We found incontrovertible proof the Loch Ness Monster exists! Find Nessie here. 

6. Camping espresso maker

For those of us who really can’t stand instant. Find it here. 

7. Sloth tea infuser

It’s a slow brew tea infuser – out of a sloth – get it? Get it here. 

8. Panda hoody travel pillow

Snooze in style. Find it here. 

9. Ocarina

One for video game nerds – it won’t whisk you off to Hyrule – but it can play a mean Song of Storms. Get it here. 

10. Onesies

The all-in-one suits on Amazon are next level. Find them here. 


An earlier version of this story said Amazon had launched in Australia. This is not correct.