The bottom line: Velashape Brazilian Butt Lift review

Sara Fitzpatrick gets treated by Therapist Maira.
Sara Fitzpatrick gets treated by Therapist Maira.

MY idea of beauty enhancement is an extra lick of mascara and a padded bra.

I’ve never injected, filled, frozen, lifted or tightened – never even had a facial.

So I walked blindly and rather unsteadily into my appointment at Azure Medical Cottesloe.

I had agreed to try a Velashape Brazilian Butt Lift with the promise of a perkier, less dimpled derriere.

I was assured the treatment was non-invasive and practically pain-free: a handheld machine would simply emit a warm, sucking sensation, essentially massaging my rear and upper thighs.

It actually sounded heavenly.

The part I had to play was simple: exfoliate the area beforehand, keep well hydrated and take a brisk walk afterwards.

This was all rather exciting for a girl like me – my booty was a thing of pride before hitting my 30s and producing two babies.

I wondered: Would I see results? Would it really be pain-free? Would I be able to sit down afterwards?

As soon as I entered the clinic, I felt at ease.

My Brazilian-born therapist Maira was extremely sweet and gentle.

She talked me through the process then got to work with the machine, which combines infrared, radio frequency and vacuum technology.

The velashape tool that delivers the booty-shaping technology.

It felt glorious – until the heat intensified and peaked at about 40 degrees.

Slight pain did kick in, however it was minor and fleeting.

So it’s fair to say the process was relativity painless as promised – and yes, I could easily sit down afterwards.

I had three sessions, one every two weeks, with about 15 minutes dedicated to each cheek.

The pain lessened the more times I went and by the third appointment the sensation was so pleasurable that I didn’t want it to stop.

Most people see results after the second round and I was no exception. About a week after round two, my rear felt and looked slightly firmer and cellulite had diminished.

A week after my third treatment, the area looked markedly better.

Best of all was the feeling: my booty felt tighter.

Maira stressed this was not a weight loss procedure and results came with a healthy diet and exercise.

This is aimed mostly at reducing cellulite, which is best achieved in conjunction with upping your water intake and reducing salt.

Also, this is not a permanent solution: results last from six months to a year.

I was recommended a top up in about a year. Whether I do that will depend on my finances, as this doesn’t come cheap — each session costs $300 ($100 for every 10 minutes).

Most people are recommended to have three visits – 15 minutes each side – with some needing four.

Velashape can be applied on the arms, neck, knees, stomach and love handles, but I wouldn’t opt for any area other than the cushy rear for fear of pain or discomfort.

The bottom line: This works.

You may feel soreness due to the high heat but it’s manageable.

In my opinion, a little bit of pain for a good amount of gain.


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