Top 10 must have Christmas toys for Perth kids

Fingerlings are the number 1 toy for kids this Christmas, according to eBay.
Fingerlings are the number 1 toy for kids this Christmas, according to eBay.

PET-themed and retro-inspired toys are the hottest items this Christmas, with Fingerlings being the must-have gift of the season.

Online marketplace eBay analysed the searching and buying behaviour of users to determine the 10 toys topping children’s wish lists – and most are under $50.

1. Fingerlings

Every year, there is one toy that flies off the shelves and this year it is Fingerlings, with eBay searches up by 600 per cent in the past three months. These interactive finger-hugging baby monkeys respond to sound, motion and touch with blinking eyes, head turns and monkey babble. Available in different colours and sold separately, each monkey has its own name and colour. Children can collect them all to see them sing together.

2. LOL Surprise Dolls

With not just one or two but seven layers to unwrap, LOL Surprise Dolls makes the perfect present for Christmas morning. Each unwrapped layer provides a new clue to which LOL Surprise doll a child will get, including stickers, a doll outfit and accessories.

3. 20th Anniversary Tamagotchi

Nostalgic Aussie parents can relive their childhood through the 20th anniversary Tamagotchi. With the iconic original packaging design, old and new fans can nurture and watch their Tamgotchi pet uniquely grow and develop. This 20th Anniversary Tamagotchi includes six different shell designs from the initial Japanese launch and each one includes six characters.

4. Feisty Pets

After featuring in a viral video this year, searches for Feisty Pets on eBay have jumped 3000 per cent over the past four months. These cute and fluffy plush toys can turn deadly when a squeeze of the head reveals shifty eyes and sharp teeth. There is a bear, cat, dog, unicorn, lion, polar bear, guinea pig or monkey to choose from.

5. Hatchimals CollEGGtibles

The hottest gift of 2016, the Hatchimal is back with two new species. These sparkly eggs need the warmth of hands to hatch, then help to break out of the egg. There are plenty to collect.

6. Zing Wet Head Game

Last year, eBay started to see toys that were moving away from screens and this trend continues in 2017, with back-to-basic board games allowing the whole family can get involved. Zing Wet Head Game is a water roulette game perfect for summer. Fill the Wet Head with water, give it a spin and pull a pin to find out if you’re the next Wet Head.

7. Furreal Roarin Tyler, The Playful Tiger

Furreal Roarin Tyler is a playful pet who loves to roar when spoken to. He responds to sound and touch, with more than 100 sound-and-motion combinations, making him a huggable, fun-loving, interactive pet.

8. Little Tikes Princess Horse & Carriage

Every princess needs a horse carriage and Little Tikes Princess Horse & Carriage will make sure your child makes a grand entrance on Christmas day. Parents can pull the rains and make their little princess feel like the horse is pulling her or remove the floorboard and she can take the reins and drive the carriage herself. There is also a handy storage boot, adult electronics storage on the roof, horse clopping sound effect, cup holder, magic wand and wand holder.

9. Nerf Super Soaker Zombie Strike Revenge Infector

Nerf is a sure-fire hit for any Christmas gift and this latest Nerf gun will ensure you and your children are protected from any zombie invasion. The Nerf Super Soaker Zombie Strike Revenge Infector water blaster delivers a soaking strike holding up to 354 millilitres and pumping water up to 11 metres.

10. Wonder Woman Lego

If it was big at the movies, it is big under the Christmas tree and one of the hottest franchises of this year was Wonder Woman. Fans of the superhero will love helping their Wonder Woman Lego figure save the world. When the movie launched in June, eBay saw searches for Wonder Woman Lego products jump by 90 per cent.

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