Top five climbing plants to add garden dimension

Top five climbing plants to add garden dimension

CLIMBING plants add another dimension to your garden.

Use them to soften walls and fences, hide the shed or grace veranda posts and pergolas.

They bring out great character to the outdoors, says Charlie Dawson from Dawson’s Garden World, and many options are available in terms of texture, colours and fragrance.

Charlie shares his top 5 climbers, all available and in season at the store.

1.Trachelospermum Jasminoides (Chinese Star Jasmine)

Dawson’s most popular climbing plant is a handsome evergreen climber with dark green, glossy leaves and beautiful fragrant white flowers in spring and summer.

It likes full sun or part shade.

2. Bougainvilleas

Create the wow factor with the vibrant colours of bougainvilleas. Use them to hide sheds or fences, for security screening or to scramble up old tree stumps. There is nothing like the sense of drama they bring to the garden. Ideal in hot sunny areas.

3. Mandevillas

Bred in Australia, Aloha Mandevillas have taken summer colour to a new level. These wonderful climbers provide a constant display of large, showy, tropical blooms from mid-spring to late autumn. While these plants are climbers, they can be maintained easily in a more shrubby form and respond well to this treatment. To maintain a bushy, compact form, simply trim off the climbing shoots as they emerge. Choose from colours such as white, pink and red.

4. Wisteria Sinensis (Chinese Wisteria)

This classic lavender-blue flowering wisteria produces unforgettable displays of cascading, fragrant flowers in long clusters of up to 45cm long. Flowering tends to get more intense the older vines get, so like good red wine, they just get better and better. Grow them on walls, fences, arches or pergolas. They are at their best from mid to late September.

5. Scindapsus Aureus (Devil’s Ivy)

A popular hardy indoor climber, which requires good light, and has heart-shaped, golden variegated leaves. With the explosion of indoor plants, Devil’s Ivy is one of the best.