WA chardonnays simply the best

Vasse Felix’s Virginia Wilcox.
Vasse Felix’s Virginia Wilcox.

THE best of WA’s chardonnays are very good and in 2016 they once again dominated the Australian capital city wine show circuit.

We have a seven capital city wine show system and each has a trophy for the best of each major variety produced in this country.

The west is home to about 3 per cent of Australia’s chardonnay and in 2016 gained five of these chardonnay trophies.

In James Halliday’s Halliday Wine Companion 2017 edition, Australia’s only essential wine reference, the west gained four of the six highest pointed chardonnays and 18 of the top 40.

Margaret River’s chardonnays are better than ever and these, at 18.8 and 18.9 points, are the standouts so far.

And while stunning now, will be better in 2025.

Cullen Kevin John 2015

Vanya Cullen has joined Australia’s half-dozen greatest chardonnay producers in the last decade.

A couple of her rare Kevin John Legacy Series chardonnays are amongst Australia’s greatest ever. Whilst young now, the 2015 (18.9 points) will be the finest since the famous 2007 release. Modern, fresh, supple long and classy.

Leeuwin Estate Art Series 2014

Leeuwin has produced half of Australia’s greatest chardonnays and this is another star. Big, full, open and relaxed fruit initially, then firmer and drier from the mid-palate on. It has the Leeuwin hallmark’s enormous length, with high-quality fruit plus a brilliant finish and aftertaste.

Woodland’s Chloe 2015

This floods and satiates the palate with delicious primary fruit flavours and then comes the superb dry and lingering fine tannined finish. Clearly Woodland’s finest ever.

Vasse Felix Heytesbury 2015

It is becoming a cliche because each year it is said that Vasse Felix has improved again. Well, it applies once more and this wine is huge, round, long and complex, with expansive fruit to the very finish.

Marvellous winemaking, oak selection and handling has taken the Vasse Felix Heytesbury chardonnays to a new level and it is their finest ever. Delicious and 18.9 points.