YEAR’S besT and worst

Best films: 1 – The Lobster: Colin Farrell delivers an excellent performance in this quir-ky and hilarious satire about the pros and cons of being single and/or in a relationship.

2 – Holding The Man: Honest, raw, heart-wrenching and moving story charts the relationship between two men from school to the bitter end.

3 – Inside Out: Pixar outdoes itself with this fun, imaginative and emotional story that takes place inside the mind of a little girl as she struggles with growing pains.

4 – Mad Max: Fury Road: Pure cinematic thrill-ride with a kick-butt lead female character. Deliriously exciting.

5 – Mommy: Amazing film about the relationship between a mother and son told with confidence and conviction.

Worst Films:

1 – American Sniper: Deplorable, racist drama about an army sniper dubbed an American hero for his shooting skills, yet his Middle Eastern counterpart (as equally skilled) is the evil bad guy.

2 – We Are Your Friends: Interesting idea: the life of a DJ and the skill involved, but boringly routine and predictable.

3 – The Gallows: Found footage film with zero imagination or even motivation for its characters to keep filming. All characters are insufferable, annoying jerks.

4 – Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension: 3D is strictly for gimmick purposes, endless exposition is delivered gratingly and in the most ham-fisted, unnatural way.

5 – 50 Shades of Grey: Anti-feminist, largely tame, insultingly bad.