Zelia Rose blooms with her burlesque in Yummy Deluxe at Fringe World

Zelia Rose blooms with her burlesque in Yummy Deluxe at Fringe World

MUCH like her name, Melbourne burlesque artist Zelia Rose’s career is blooming.

The 29-year-old now considers Dita Von Teese a friend after the ‘Queen of Burlesque’ hired her in 2017 as the first Australian to tour in her show.

Rose has also just been named Number 1 Burlesque Artist in the World.

Perth Fringe World audiences can experience her talent on the Edith Spiegeltent stage in Yagan Square as part of the delicious Yummy Deluxe cast.

Rose, who is of Spanish, Irish and African descent, said she never expected burlesque to take her this far.

“I’ve been dancing since I’ve been walking really,” she said.

“I got into it by chance because I started working with House of Burlesque, which is a burlesque school in Melbourne. The director asked me to create a piece on Josephine Baker who was an iconic figure and super powerful black woman of her time.

“So I developed some work for her show and from there I was inspired to do burlesque.”

With the upmost support from her mum, Rose went on to win Miss Burlesque Australia 2014 but it was her January win of Number 1 Burlesque Artist in the World, which she finds most incredible.

21st Century Burlesque Magazine has been running for a decade and publicises all the burlesque things going on in the world,” she said.

“They’ve been opening this vote every year and then they publish the top 50 world-wide.

“I was a bit hung over and woke up exhausted not knowing why I was getting so many text messages. People were congratulating me, but I hadn’t seen the list.

“Previously, I’d got number 9, so I thought maybe I’d got top 5 this time – I was really surprised to see number 1.”

Rose first worked with Yummy Deluxe, a mix of drag, circus, dance, live music, two years ago, and reunited before the Fringe World season at Edinburgh.

“It’s very collaborative and so stylish, eccentric and beautiful,” she said.

“You can do big shows as a soloist but it can get lonely sometimes. I do a lot of work like that but it’s nice to have a break from that and work with a quality team.”


What: Yummy Deluxe

Where: Edith Spiegeltent, Yagan Square

When: Until February 17

Tickets: www.fringeworld.com.au