Amana Living Arts Festival has positive impact on residents, including those at St George’s Care Centre in Bayswater

Charlotte Groombridge and Levy Smith.
Charlotte Groombridge and Levy Smith.

AGED care services provider Amana Living’s first arts festival has improved the well-being and social lives of more than 2000 residents, according to its enrichment manager.

The Amana Living Arts Festival, which started on February 12 and ends on March 25, features sessions conducted by artists, musicians, performers, writers, dancers, sculptors and art therapists.

More than 150 events at more than 50 locations in WA, including St George’s Care Centre in Bayswater, have been held for Amana Living residents and clients.

Amana Living enrichment manager Emily Lees said the festival was part of an enrichment program focused on lifestyle and wellbeing of residents.

“At St George, we are working with an art therapist named Lisa Kempster,” she said.

“Lisa’s approach to the six-week program is using a huge range of mediums as in everything from tin foil to acrylic paint to water colour and clay, which gives the residents an opportunity to explore who they are and get to know their fellow residents in a different way.

“One of the beneficial things about engaging in the arts is that it generally brings out the best in people and there is something quite special about people socialising and getting to know one another in an environment where they are set up for success.”

Ms Lees said Amana Living would be asking residents and clients who have run art workshops and community volunteers to help run events for the annual festival.

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