App breaks down cultural barriers

The students won the best pitch prize at WA�s first junior app development hackathon HackED for their concept Common Threads.

More than 100 students from seven schools across Perth took part in the event at Midland Town Hall on August 20.

Business teacher Leanne Phillippe and students Hawraa Hussein, Fatemah Alweisawi, Fatima Al Husseini and Sarah Al Khafaji designed the app concept.

�It is a map of the world that shows all the past, present and future events and festivals of different countries,� Ms Phillippe said.

�It also links similar festivals in different countries with a line.

�For example, if you accessed the app in December it would show you all the different countries celebrating Christmas and information on the traditions and events that each country has.�

Ms Phillippe said the students were influenced by their own cultures and cultural experiences.

�Being Islamic and all wearing traditional head scarves they find that they are sometimes misunderstood and therefore want to breakdown the negative perceptions people may have of certain cultures and religions,� she said.

�There is definitely a market for this app as it tackles the issues of diversity in cultures which is a pretty hot topic at the moment.�

Ms Phillippe said she was following up on business connections that the group made at the HackED convention.